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Top 10 Problem-Solving Amazon kitchen gadgets Under 20$

No matter how much you love being in the kitchen, some cooking tasks can become monotonous. For instance, chopping numerous vegetables, constantly stirring a sauce, and even organizing your refrigerator can feel like a chore. Thankfully, there are numerous products available that aim to make cooking easier and faster. These products cover everything from ingredient preparation to clean up and storage. In this list, we have gathered a selection of kitchen tools under 20$ that solve common problems. All of these tools are either bestsellers on Amazon.

NO#10: Kitchen Herb Scissors

4.4-star average rating from 2,724 reviews on Amazon

These scissors let me cut fresh herbs and green onions directly into dishes like salads, curries, dips and dressings so I don’t need to chop them with a cutting board and knife. They have five sharp stainless steel blades and their handle is covered in soft rubber, giving me a comfortable place to grip. They come with a protective sheath and a cleaning brush.

NO#9: Spring Chef Magnetic Measuring Spoons Set

4.9-star average rating from 41,006 reviews on Amazon

These stainless steel magnetic measuring spoons nest together, making them compact and easy to store. The set comes with seven spoons that measure from 1/8 teaspoon to one tablespoon. Each one has teaspoon/tablespoon and millilitre markings, and you can use them for liquid or solid ingredients. The spoons are also dual-sided — there’s a round side and a narrow oval side that fits into most spice jars, according to the brand. The spoons lay flat on your countertop so you don’t have to worry about spills, plus they come with a leveller to help you measure precisely.

NO#8: Joseph Joseph CleanForce  Easy Garlic Mincer

4.7-star average rating from 1,142 reviews on Amazon

Crush garlic in seconds with this mincer. You drop a clove into the tool’s head and squeeze its handles shut to crush. Then you pull a trigger to wipe the crushed garlic off the tool’s blade and into your bowl or pan. There’s also a cleaning tool attached to the inside of one of the tool’s handles. It has solid bristles on one end to clean the holes of the crushing plate, and a curved tip on the other end to remove garlic skin from the head.

NO#7: Kitchenmuh Electric Jar Opener

4.3-star average rating from 4,724 reviews on Amazon

“This jar opener has saved me time and time again,” says Daruvuri. “I used to struggle with opening jars often, but now I can get anything open with just one touch. I’ve yet to encounter a jar that it hasn’t been able to open.” The battery-operated device has adjustable jaws, allowing it to attach to jars of almost any size. You put it over a jar, press the button and watch as it unscrews the lid in seconds. The jaws automatically release once the jar is open.

NO#6: ThermoPro TP03 Digital Meat Thermometer

4.6-star average rating from 125,827 reviews on Amazon

Thermometers like this one help you figure out when meat is done cooking, but you can also use it while making baked goods and bread. ThermPro’s meat thermometer is one of our favourites because it has an easy-to-read digital display and a foldable probe, letting you adjust its angle or put it away completely when not in use. The battery-operated thermometer reads temperatures in about three to five seconds, according to the brand. It shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity and has a magnetic back so you can stick it to most metal surfaces. 

NO#5: Zulay Premium Apple Corer

4.7-star average rating from 18,530 reviews on Amazon

“Baking apple desserts is one of my favourite fall activities, but coring apples can take forever with just a knife,” says Rosalie Sparaco, NBC Select senior social media editor. “This tool significantly cuts down prep time and frustration.” The stainless steel tool has a soft grip handle and sharp blades that help you push it through an apple. It’s also designed with a lever that releases the apple core when you want to throw it out.

NO#4: Kitchen Gizmo Snap N’ Strain Pot Strainer

4.4-star average rating from 35,934 reviews on Amazon

Snap this silicone strainer onto the edge of any round cookware or dinnerware using the built-in clips, then tip it over the sink to pour water out while keeping food inside. It has a spout that helps guide water into the drain and folds up so you can store it in a drawer. In addition to straining pasta and boiled potatoes, you can use this colander to wash fruits and veggies. It’s heat-resistant up to 440 degrees Fahrenheit.

NO#3: Dash Mini Waffle Maker

4.7-star average rating from 240,331 reviews on Amazon

I find homemade waffles much more delicious than reheated frozen ones, and this little appliance helps me make them from scratch in my small kitchen. Its non-stick plates are four inches in diameter and cooked waffles easily release from them when coated with a spritz of oil, in my experience. The waffle maker heats up in minutes and a light on the top of it turns off when it reaches the optimal cooking temperature. I use the kitchen appliance to make waffles, but you can add any batter to it to make waffle-shaped cookies, biscuits, hashbrowns and more.

NO#2: Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

4.6-star average rating from 151,922 reviews on Amazon

Whether you’re baking cookies and pie or cooking with salt, experts recommend measuring ingredients by weight, instead of volume, with a digital food scale like this one. You can also use a kitchen scale to portion out food while meal prepping. Etekcity’s battery-operated scale has a bright display and is slim enough to store in most kitchen drawers, according to the brand. You can choose from five different units of measurement, like grams, pounds/ounces and fluid ounces, and buy the scale in medium and large sizes.

NO#1: Ototo Dunk N’ Egg Yolk Separator

4.8-star average rating from 53 reviews on Amazon

Sadhana Daruvuri, NBC Select social media editor, says she can separate the yolks and whites of four eggs in about 20 seconds using this tool. “The first time I used it, I was surprised by how well it worked,” she says. “I previously tried another egg separator, and it failed miserably, leaving me with a gloopy mess of broken yolks. With this one, all I have to do is clip it onto a bowl and crack an egg into the basket. Then I can lift out the basket and pour the yolk into a different bowl.” To clean the egg separator, the brand recommends rinsing it with dish soap and warm water.

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